Health statement

Rainbow Junior Arch Club is a member of the National Federation of Arch Clubs, which is the umbrella body of 50 Arch Clubs.  Arch Clubs provide a secure social environment for people who have special needs, their siblings and friends to learn, form friendships and above all have fun.


Aims and Benefits of Arch Clubs


o To provide a social outlet for people with special needs

o To develop the members' social skills, self esteem and quality of life through a dynamic range of activities

o To provide support, information and respite for parents and families

o To influence public policy towards those with special needs through contact with Statutory Agencies


Safety Declaration


The Safety Policy of the Rainbow Junior Arch Club is to promote and endeavour to ensure, insofar as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and wellbeing of every member and volunteer in the club.  Rainbow Junior Arch Club is committed to promoting Health and Safety in the club and endeavouring to ensure a safe place and safe procedures, insofar as is reasonably practicable, in accordance with relevant legislation.


Rainbow Junior Arch club will endeavour to:

o Comply with codes of practice relating to health, safety and welfare

o Co-operate with the child / Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy of the National Federation of Arch Clubs

o Inform all members and volunteers of safe management practices

o Ensure that this Statement is reviewed on a regular basis and that relevant amendments are brought to the attention of all members and volunteers


All Club volunteers are urged to:

o Promote a positive Health and Safety culture in the Club

o Take time to read this statement

o Familiarise themselves with its objectives

o Recognise the part that they have to play


The help and involvement of members is critical in making this Policy a success.