The children

The enthusiasm and enjoyment of our children with special needs and their brothers and sisters makes every

club activity worth all the effort.


The parents

Parents/Guardians get an opportunity meet and talk to other parents/guardians as they must  remain

with their children at all times.  We are lucky to have some lovely volunteers who help out each week and

play with the children and give the parents/guardian to talk to each other.

Parents play a key role in the success of the Club . A Committee organises the activities, trips and outings, as

well as fund-raising, communications with parents, handling funds and keeping up with legislation

and other developments in the voluntary sector.

At the Club on Saturdays, all parents are involved.  Parents are responsible for their own children and must

stay on the premises, However there are some parents on duty with the children at all times. 



Guardians and carers are also welcome at the club with their charges.   They are expected to remain on the

premises and take responsibility at all times for the children in their care.

Activity Co-ordinators

Every week an activity is organised, and we bring someone in from outside the Club to lead this. 

Activities range from 'Gymboreen', Dance, Zumba Drumming, Drama, Art and Crafts.  

The volunteers                


Our volunteers make a huge difference to the enjoyment of the club  for everyone.  We have a number

of Transition Year boys and girls,  as well as some young adults.  They give the children one-to-one

attention, and give parents a breathing space, but they are not left in  sole charge of the children at any time.

Scoil Chiaráin

The Rainbow Junior Arch Club was set up by parents in 1996, and was held in a number of different venues. 

Today the Club has a permanent home in Scoil Chiaráin  on St Canices Road in Glasnevin, thanks to the

generosity of the school and its principal.  We are also indebted to the staff who open up the building for us

every Saturday afternoon, and support us in the smooth running of the Club.


The club can be contacted on  0858508316  

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